PORTO with Mirjam

Our last step came so quickly: Porto!

We’ve reached Porto on the Euro cup final game, where Portugal was playing against France. What an atmosphere in Porto’s streets! They were all crowded, full of flags and people wearing the national colours. We could feel the pressure growing up during the game and of course it ended up in a state of general euphoria when Portugal finally won the game! The beginning of the stay started all well…

During the following days, we had the opportunity to discover Porto, thanks to Mirjam who guided us through the charming city and its colourful tiles covering the houses, the tiny streets and the many bridges crossing the river Douro… Mirjam settled here few years ago. She is from Estonia and very integrated into the city: she can’t leave it for more than a week without missing it.

In Porto, she managed to develop her activity as a freelance artist: Mirjam is working for different shops, where she sells earings or illustrations that she makes. She also takes part in projects initiated by the city. For example, she has painted a few electric boxes in Cedofeita Street.

Mirjam’s drawings often show very expressive faces. For the “Love collection”, she suggested a definition of love as “Love is giving a piece of you to someone else”. Two characters exchange a small and colourful piece of each other’s bodies. For the second theme “The Other”, the idea she wanted to explore was “Keep the other close”. That’s why the characters seem to be almost dancing together, very closely.

It’s also in Porto that we’ve reached our Ulule goal! With 150 bags preordered, we would finally be able to start producing.

After this last step, we left Porto with emotion. The past two months had been filled with beautiful meetings and unforgettable discoveries. Panuma made good on its promises and we had reached our goal.

11.07.2016 – Meeting Mirjam Siim – Preparation of her illustration

12.07.2016 – Hidden tour – Discovering Porto

15.07.2016 – Photo shooting

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