PARIS with Éloïse

By the end of June, we went back to France after almost two months in Casablanca. We finally had our final prototypes and the “Love collection” was ready to be launched!

While we were in France, we needed to do a photo shoot, to produce the video and present the project. We met the French artist so she could create the second illustration on the theme “The Other”. We also prepared the launch party of our Ulule page. Timing was tight with only 3 weeks to complete the project!

It’s in a Parisian café that Cécile met Eloïse for the first time, finally! She was the first artist that we met, for real, after having worked with her from abroad. Eloïse works as a graphic designer but she is fond of illustration and she works on occasional projects as a free-lancer. Eloïse told us that her thing, these days, was to create original patterns. She draws her inspiration from real pictures, flowers for instance, that she first draws in pencil and then develops it through a digital format. For her first drawing with the theme “Love”, she wanted to show that two people who love each other often end up being similar… For the second one, Eloïse represented two people that look different from her, they seem to have African roots. The patterns stand out but the figures are close to each other.

This second illustration had been presented the day we had the Ulule launch party. It took place in the basement of a small Parisian bar, called “Le Barbiche” and we presented the four designs of the first collection on the love theme, in a festive atmosphere!

Two days later, we flew to Casablanca. The Ulule campaign was on tracks, all the travelling and meeting the artists could keep on going.

21.05.2016 - Montmartre - Photoshooting

26.05.2016 - Normandie - Film making

10.06.2016 - Bar "Le Barbiche" - Launching party

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