PORTO with Mirjam

Our last step came so quickly: Porto! We’ve reached Porto on the Euro cup final game, where Portugal was playing against France. What an atmosphere in Porto’s streets! They were all crowded, full of flags and people wearing the national colours. We could feel the pressure growing up during the game and of course it … Read more

DAKAR with Saadio

At the end of the day we arrived in Dakar, and first discovered the city by night. We were hosted on a small island located very close to Dakar, we could reach it in a five minute boat trip. A mosaic artist welcomed us into her colourful home. Mosaics harmoniously covered everything, walls and floors. We had a … Read more

CASA with Sarah

June, the 12th. Back to Casablanca to meet Sarah Addouh, the Moroccan artist, for her to create the second illustration and to organize (once again) a launch party to present the bags. We also wanted to take the opportunity to be in Casablanca in order to manufacture the two first bags of the collection “The Other”. Meeting Sarah had … Read more

PARIS with Éloïse

By the end of June, we went back to France after almost two months in Casablanca. We finally had our final prototypes and the “Love collection” was ready to be launched! While we were in France, we needed to do a photo shoot, to produce the video and present the project. We met the French artist … Read more