CASA with Sarah

June, the 12th. Back to Casablanca to meet Sarah Addouh, the Moroccan artist, for her to create the second illustration and to organize (once again) a launch party to present the bags. We also wanted to take the opportunity to be in Casablanca in order to manufacture the two first bags of the collection “The Other”.

Meeting Sarah had been a good surprise. Sarah is 23 years old, she studies architecture and she takes part in many different artistic projects. What she likes are collages. At her grandparents home, she found an old box filled with pictures, memories of the family, treasures that were only waiting to come back from the past. She offers them a new life by adding flashy colours and recurring “patterns” that are part of the Moroccan culture. We often find zellijs, these colourful mosaics that are sometimes used to cover the walls, in Morocco.

For the “Love collection”, Sarah had chosen to picture the maternal love. For the second theme, “The other”, she presents two women. They seem to be looking at each other, but one of them is blindfolded: a way to show that the relationship with the other is always biased as you never know what the other is thinking. The other will only let you know what he wants you to know.

We revealed this illustration during a small launch party in Casablanca. This time, we chose a terrace by the sea, after a sunset on the “corniche”, along the coast.

During these two weeks, we had the two new bags of the collection “The Other” made. We had the strange and pleasant feeling that things were going more smoothly…Providing ourselves with the fabric, cutting out the designs, having them printed and assembling everything together: everything was made easier as we had built a relationship of trust with our partners.

And finally, by the end of June, we packed our bags once again and we flew to Dakar.

13.06.2016 - Derb Omar

14.06.2016 - Quartier Bourgogne - Passage chez notre fabricant

18.06.2016 - Anfa Place - Soirée de présentation

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