4 artists from everywhere in the world illlustrated bags for Panuma.

éloïse - PARIS

Eloïse is a Parisian artist in her thirties. She always has tons of creative ideas and loves exploring new horizons… These days, she spends most of her time drawing, but dance, theater and music maintain an important place in her life. She’s fascinated by the Far East, and her drawings express a particular passion for Japan. Her style is very much influenced by the world of comic books, her creativity taking control of her playful designs.

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sarah - casablanca

Sarah Addouh is just about as dynamic as you can get! This 22 years old Moroccan shakes up all the traditional references she finds around her to make a whole new selection of colorful visual cocktails, brimming with pop-art influences. She’s all over the place, exhibiting from Lille to Rabat, coming up with creations for webmagazines… She is even collaborating with a Moroccan stylist for a new collection coming soon!


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saadio - dakar

His main inspiration are the walls of the city of Dakar, covered with ads and children’s doodles. This is where he first started to paint and where he was spotted by other artists. It’s been a tough path for him as a self-taught artist in Senegal, but thanks to sheer will power and the support of his friends,he is now recognized as an accomplished artist. Saadio’s canvases are brought to life through vivid colors, symbols, and a certain influence from the American artist Basquiat.

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mirjam - Porto

Mirjam might be a dreamer but sleeping’s not really her thing… She has a habit of getting up in the middle of the night to lay down all her vibrant ideas on paper! Her artistic sensitivity, which awoke at a very young age through contact with great artists such as Klimt, is now flourishing in the numerous projects she is working on as a freelance artist in Porto.

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