Our promise


The bags are produced in Morocco, where the leather and the canvas is sourced. Traditionally known as the home of quality leatherwork, Casablanca was the obvious choice for the production of the bags. Thanks to Mr Choukri’s knowhow, our bags are produced in the best possible conditions, and their quality is guaranteed. So what’s so special about these bags ? Their major advantage is that they can be converted from a handbag to a backpack to a sling bag in just a second, thanks to their handy hooks rings, so you can adapt them anytime you like.


Panuma also represents 4 artists just waiting to be discovered by you.  For each bag sold, a percentage goes to the author of the illustration. This artistic commitment is one of our biggest motivations, at the heart of the entrepreneurial approach.


Panuma is also and above all a humanist adventure. During the Ulule campaign, we are going to meet the 4 artists who illustrated the bags. On our journey we will spend two weeks with each artist, and we will introduce them to you. Don’t miss out on the adventure ! During these weeks, we will curate the second collection titled “The other”. You can follow our progress and the creation process on our website, Facebook or Instagram. The movie “Humans”, has been one of our biggest inspiration and we’d highly recommend it to you !